Josh Wilson

Hey all,

A quick post here, part review, part recommendation, and as I kept telling everyone, not emotionally frenetic or overly analytical. I will in fact be talking about someone who isn’t me!

So, last night I went with my family to the Josh Wilson concert at City Church in Madison. I had heard a few of his songs on 102.5 and looked up one of his “looping” videos (looping is super cool by the way. You essentially record your instrument live as you go and then layer it over itself again and again until it sounds like there are however many versions of your instrument playing at once. The effect is even better when you’re layering several guitar riffs over several cello riffs over accordion over banjo over piano, etc. etc. like they did at the concert) at my dad’s suggestion, available here, and I decided to go.

Man was that a good decision. It was part of his Noel tour, which is primarily Christmas music with a few of his hits mixed in. He does a lot of folk/folk rock type music, and not only was the music amazing, looped or no, but he and his band also had some of the best stage presence I think I have ever seen. They were incredibly charming throughout, had short videos planned ahead for sections where they needed or wanted to change clothes, instruments, or stage placement, and managed to handle a technical difficulty that came up in a song in a humble and again, charming, fashion. They connected with the audience well, had some cute ways to spice up the set (Christmas cookies out of an oven they played percussion on, a typewriter used for the opener and percussion and light up sweaters to name a few) and had a pretty neat stage setup too, based on the album cover of his Noel cd (below, credit to his website for the photo). Bottom line, if you get a chance to see him live, please do so. If not live, you can check him out at his website here, on YouTube or Spotify or through iTunes or a good old brick and mortar. All around nice guy, nice wife, nice band, nice concert. I already bought his Christmas CD and will be checking out more of his music on Spotify for sure.

Oh, and he’s also involved with a charity I can’t remember the name of, but it supports children with special needs, so if you wanted to get involved, I’m sure you could contact them through his website to get more information. If any of you know what the charity is called, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add a link.

Image of Josh Wilson presents Noel CD

I was going to recommend several other things I’ve been listening to lately, but for the sake of brevity, I will save them for a later post.

Thanks for reading!

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