In which many things were good

Hello darlings,

I realized in reading over some old posts that some things I was keeping you updated on kind of disappeared. This is just going to be a quick post to let you know what’s up in life (in short: it’s good).

First off, I am no longer having anxiety problems. I’ve been able to get back to a lot of the things I dropped in order to deal with it, and after having had several months of curling inwards and feeling like all I was doing was taking (pity, prayers, support, love, shoulders to lean on) I’m starting to open back up. I feel ready to take less and give/serve more. Exciting!

Secondly, while still not sure exactly what I’m going to do with my life, I have come a long way in figuring out how to approach the question. Silly as it may seem, I only recently realized I could do more than one thing with my life. I’ve always had being an author at the forefront of my mind as my one life plan. This became prickly when I lost my job because my writing hadn’t/hasn’t “taken off” yet and I wasn’t (still am not) sure what to do with the extra, unplanned gap. In trying to work that out , hand-in-hand with starting to realize the implications of approaching my relationship with God as a relationship instead of as a check-list (something I’d claimed for years to already do and am only now starting to understand), and a couple other things, I realized that my one life plan was/is not going exactly as well, I’d planned. And that’s okay. I’m not saying I’m throwing my dream in the trash or anything, but it has been freeing to realize that if that dream changes in scope or time frame, or if I find other things to do alongside or in places even instead of it, that’s okay. It might even be part of the plan. That’s the cool thing about God.  If some days He says, “Let’s do something different,” that’s going to be just as fulfilling, exciting and fun (in the long run. It might be scary, confusing or hard at the time) as Him saying, “Let’s write a book,” or, “Hey, I want to hang out today. What do you have in mind?”  Because relationship. Awesome.

On a similar note, I feel like a lot of creative things are stirring right now in a lot of different directions. On a personal level, I’ve been writing more, will be helping a friend co-start a writing group, and have been asked to come alongside several other friends in new, collaborative ways. It’s been cool to watch because while I feel like I am not the main driver of these things, as is usually the case when I write, I feel like I am being given more opportunities to be a part of things. I feel as though a lot of artists are moving at once right now and I’m getting a chance to witness, support, work with, and help them as they build. It’s a very different dynamic for me, and one that I’m excited to pursue. It’s also exciting because while I’m not a master of any of these other disciplines like they are, coming alongside might mean pushing myself out of my comfort zone, as a writer, performer, or more. I’ve got at least eight things cooking right now. We’ll see where any of them go.

Finally, since I’m sure you’re all dying to know, for cross-stitching, I have now finished Cog’s horns, Rick’s arm and hand, and about half of the outside of Cog’s ear. It’s not as far as I might have hoped at this point, but progress none the less.

Thanks for reading! I’ll keep you posted on where things go!

P.S. If anyone knows of good movies/plays/books/musicals/etc. about the Southern United States around the depression era, I’d love to know about them in the comments. Thanks!

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