Preflight checklist

Hello my darlings,

Couple of things on the horizon:

  1. Starting a writing group with a friend with our very first session tonight!
  2. I feel like I’m going to have to get used to performing, specifically in regards to storytelling. Not sure why yet, or what platform (possibly any) but I am getting that vibe.

Anyway, this post is about things that keep me from my work. While technically I can write under almost any condition if an idea strikes or if I’m really being dedicated, I have noticed a few things that I usually make sure I do or have before I get started in the morning. Calling it a preflight checklist is my way of covering up the fact it’s mostly things that help me procrastinate, but there’s also something to be said for taking time to get yourself into work mode. Sort of. Again, mostly procrastination and excuses.

The ultimate list (a fairly legitimate checklist)

  1. Clean workspace: Doesn’t have to be spotless, but clutter is a no-no.
  2. Liquid: If I don’t have something to drink at hand when I start, I will invariably get thirsty while my timer is running and be horribly distracted. Slightly less important, but still valid, is having the right kind of drink. If I’m writing, I usually want something light like water, juice, tea or some mixture of those (Arnold Palmers? Yes please!).
  3. Potty break: Again, something to address before the timer is running. Common sense.

The secondary list (things that distract me and either shouldn’t, or at least not to the extent I let them)

  1. Clean hands: If I’ve just eaten, especially if the food was greasy, I need to get my hands clean before I put those fingertips to the keys.
  2. Comfy nest: If I’m writing in bed, which is definitely a thing that happens, I usually have to rearrange everything to keep warm. Particularly my shoulders, since they’re not tucked in.
  3. Clean teeth: Since a lot of my writing is done in the morning, I want to get my morning brushing in before I start. It just feels nice.
  4. No stray hairs: I have long hair. I shed. It’s disgusting. If I see a hair on my blanket, that thing needs to go away ASAP.
  5. Trimmed nails: No joke, I have used this as a way to procrastinate.
  6. Clean rest of the house: Out of sight, out of mind? Not so much.
  7. Checked Facebook, email, daily internet things: Obviously. (Blech.)
  8. Music: This one actually almost made the first list. If my music is too loud, it can be distracting. If it’s a genre that’s messing up my groove, that can cause problems. My biggest problem is wanting to dance or sing along with it. Musical and foxtrot music is usually banned for my own good.

So, what’s the most ridiculous thing that’s ever kept you from doing what you needed to do? Do you have a preflight list? Let me know in the comments!

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