Peekaboo faith

“Object permanence” is the understanding we have that things don’t stop existing just because we stop seeing them. It’s a concept that babies do not have until around eight or nine months, and coincidentally the reason that peekaboo so strikes their fancy. You can read up more on it on wikipedia here, or, I’m sure, in most developmental psychology textbooks. I learned about it in college, and last night as I was falling asleep it occurred to me that this same concept is something that is equally hard for Christians, or really anyone of any faith in anything, to grasp. Not object permanence in its literal sense, of course, but rather in a more spiritual form: that God still exists even if I don’t see Him. This could be in the sense of not seeing His purposes in difficult or confusing times, not feeling His presence, or even, as those who follow the prosperity line of theology (I wouldn’t suggest it) would see it, not “having His blessings.” I won’t go too far down the line of what I see as blessings or not here, but will leave John 16:33 as initial pointer and let the Bible speak for itself.

I think of times in the Bible where Paul reprimands his brethren for still being spiritual infants (1 Cor. 3:2, Hebrews 5:12 [not necessarily Paul]) in consideration of this new idea. Is it not an infant-like thing to think that as soon as something isn’t being currently “felt” or “seen” or “sensed” that it no longer exists? That if I don’t see or know what God is doing that He has no part in it or isn’t there? If I don’t get the blessings I (think I) want, or don’t see the blessings I have, does that mean that God is not good? The answer of course is no. God is and was and will be good no matter what my understanding or perception is. It strikes me just how well the analogy fits. For a baby, if mom “disappears,” it’s nothing less than bewildering. Adults know that mom is not only there, but smiling with baby in mind. It’s not a perfect analogy of course. God is not “playing” with us when He keeps his silence or when doors we want open stay shut. I’m sure there are other flaws too. This only seemed profound to me last night, as these things do, and in finding myself content in discovering yet again just what a child of God I am, I thought I’d pass it along.

Bless you.




Garth Nix, a publication and Alma

Hey everyone! Missed a second post in October, but as it happens, I was just super busy with some super amazing things!

For one thing, on November 20th of this year, I got to meet my favorite author, Garth Nix, author of the Old Kingdom, Keys to the Kingdom and Seventh Tower series just to name a few.

Here is a picture of my friend Kelly, Garth and myself at the Chicago Tribune event that we went to. The photo was taken with my not very smart phone, so it’s blurry, but hey, we’re all still there and you can tell who we are. Garth was impressed with (well, jovially mentioned) the obnoxious shutter noise my phone makes. He was not as impressed when I joked we should take a picture with his phone to send to me instead. I meant it as a complete joke of course, but my casual attitude towards it probably made it come across as super creepy. Such is the life of the accidental creeper. Whoops.


Garth Nix, Kelly and me!
Garth Nix, Kelly and me!


In related news, I also got to meet Veronica Roth, the author of the Divergent series, at the same event. I picked up the first of the series specifically to prepare myself for this event, and after having the ending spoiled by a fan at said event, am not sure if I now want to read the others more or less (though leaning towards more). In either case, she seems like a darling and was an absolutely adorable delight to meet. You can see a picture of me and her (also taken with my dumb phone) below.

Veronica Roth signing my book, Garth and other fans in background, me looking semi-awkward.
Veronica Roth signing my book, Garth and other fans in background, me looking semi-awkward.


In non-fangirl related news, I was elated to find that my short story, “Stitch,” has officially been published by Beyond Imagination, the digital magazine I mentioned in my last post. The November 2014 issue came out on Halloween, and is available for a mere $3 on amazon, here. The story is a piece of flash fiction about the struggle of artists to let their work into the world, and is partly inspired by the cross-stitch project I made of Cog and Rick from Machine, which I posted about several times, but most recently, when it was completed, here. This is my first professional publication, so, you know, I’m pretty psyched.

Finally, in non-author-fangirl related news, I wanted to give a shout out to something else I’ve been pretty obsessed with lately, my friend Alma’s new album, Tactics, which came out on October 17th. You can find out all about her and her work, as well as some links to hear this album for free right here, and considering the fact I’ve been listening to this album pretty much non-stop in my car since it came out, I would highly suggest you do. It’s definitely worth a listen, and she has her other jams out there too.

So, besides that and my Storium games (which are going pretty smashingly, by the way), that’s what I’ve been up to as of late. I am hoping to hear back from some agents in the next couple of weeks here, and having recently revved up my query letter (including that new publication credit, of course), I’m hoping to hear good news. That’s all I’ve got for you now, sweeties, so hope you all had as amazing a Halloween as I did (as a side note, I won a cookie for my costume, not shown, which was probably my best one ever) and that life treats you splendidly.

Thanks for reading!