Questions of faith

Do I have to?

Is there no other way?

What if I only did this a little?

Does it have to be so extreme?

How can you ask this of me?

What’s going to happen? Why? Why?

How can they understand?

How can you ask me to hurt them? What if I hurt them?

How can I explain this to them when they have no framework for understanding? How can I not hurt them if you are my reason?

Does any excuse I could come up with matter if you are my reason?

When will this hurt go away?

How can I run to you for comfort when you’re the one asking me to give them away?

Are you worth it?

Are you there?

Will I follow?

Are you real?

Do I have to be misunderstood? Could I be? Could I be hated?

Can I follow when it hurts?

Could I do anything else?

Where are we going next?

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