Shifting gears

Hey all,

With my imminent homecoming looming on the horizon, I just wanted to share a little bit about what’s on my heart for my next goals, dreams, etc. for life, my career and this blog. This is partly because it’s good for me to write it out/be accountable to people and partly because it will probably affect the blog eventually, so I didn’t want to catch you unawares. So, in a somewhat New Years-esque fashion, here are some approximate markers of where I think I’m headed, as always likely to change as God directs and guides.

In regards to my personal life:

  • Find a community and be involved in it. Short term this means returning to my family, home church, arts ministry and writing group, joining a small group, getting a mentor, and attending local writing conferences. Long term this means being more engaged in the communities I have a heart for, i.e. science fiction and fantasy storytelling across most media, the aforementioned communities I’m already involved in, the local library system, etc.
  • Keep pursuing intimacy with God, especially through the reading and memorization of Scripture, prayer, and journaling. Seek Him and His Kingdom first, no matter where I go.
  • Actively engage and invite God in/into what I’m doing. Look for ways that my gifts can be used for his glory and to reach the lost, and seek His guidance as to what people/places/activities I should or shouldn’t pursue.
  • Pursue humility and a teachable heart.

In regards to my career:

  • Start pursuing a career path related to my passions and gifts, trusting that God will lead me as I continue to seek His heart/glory/guidance/path/timing. This could include going back to school, entering contests, trying to find some internships or a job in writing/editing, picking up freelancing work, and obviously lots and lots of reading–including genres or age groups I don’t usually pursue–and writing (including short stories to try to get published, just like my mom told me years and years ago when I was still too proud to listen. Sorry Mom! I love you and thanks for putting up with my pride/foolishness all these years!). This also includes leaning into and strengthening the connections and resources I already have to learn more and continuing to develop the communities/ministries I already have.
  • Glorify God with my work and surrender it to Him. This means both inviting Him into my work, giving Him control of what I do with my pieces, giving Him control of what I write about–both in regards to content and virtue–and giving thanks to Him for it, regardless of what happens to/with it.
  • Maintain, advance, and/or improve the communities/ministries I’m actively involved in, from this blog, to Storium, my writing group, and the local ministries I’m involved in back home. Run or support them with integrity, responsibility, humility and love, knowing that God has given me the passions and responsibilities I have for a reason.

In regards to this blog:

  • In the short term, resume a bi-monthly posting schedule.
  • In the long term, refocus and refine the purpose of this blog, perhaps splitting it into multiple blogs if necessary. At this point, I understand this to be a personal blog relating my journey and the lessons I learn as I get closer to God and pursue my dreams of becoming an author. In future, it may become more one or the other or split into more than one. We’ll see.

Anyway, a lot of this is still pretty tentative, and I’m not sure how it’s all going to work, but honestly I feel more hopeful and excited for my future than I have in a long, long time, and it feels amazing. I know I have a long ways to go and a lot to learn, but I’m actually excited to get there, to put in the work, to pursue and to improve. So yeah, pray for me if you remember/would like to, and God bless you as you move into your own new year!

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