Patience, gratitude, and belief

Hey friends,

In the hopes of not having too vague of a title, I’m going to refrain from titling this post my “summery summary” but, just so any of you who clicked into this know, that’s what it is. Get ready.

So, as I’ve mentioned on probably almost every post I’ve written this summer, it’s been a weird one. I’ve learned a lot, so I wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of my greatest takeaways from the last few months.


It’s been a big year for a lot of the people around me in a lot of awesome ways. Engagements, new jobs, moving out/in…a lot of successes all around. And it’s been great. But it’s also been a summer with a lot of comparison for me, which is less great.

But I’m learning more and more how unhealthy it is for me to live in comparison, and how great it is to celebrate others’ successes instead. So I’ve been learning to be grateful and celebrate with them, and to be patient while I wait for my own dreams. I’m still working (mostly) hard, still chasing those dreams, and have a stronger belief than ever that they will come true, even if it’s going to take some time.


Going hand in hand with that, I’ve also been re-developing gratitude, both for the good things in my life and in the lives of others and for the lives of those people in general. My mom, with her steadfast love and support for me, my dad, who is my ever-nerd buddy and working hard himself, and the rest of my family and my dear friends who each see God in different and beautiful ways, who are doing amazing things, and are a constant source of inspiration. I’ve been so inspired by all of their hearts, by what they’re doing to change the world for good and for Jesus, and by how diligently and passionately they’re following their dreams. I have had so many beautiful, inspiring conversations with so many of them this summer and my heart swells to know them all. It makes my heart happy just to know them, let alone be their friends.

If you’re one of them, thank you for existing and for your constant love and support.


The main theme of one of my previous posts, one of the biggest areas I’ve been challenged in this summer is in what I believe, and more importantly, how that actively changes my life.

Ephesians talks about people who are “tossed about by the waves (4:14),” Hebrews about those with weak knees (12:12). I don’t want to be either. This summer, I have been so challenged to take hold of the promises Jesus has for me, and to remain steady even when my mind or emotions tell me it’s time to cave. So often in the past, I’ve felt like I was doing something wrong or didn’t have enough faith if I couldn’t hear God directly, if whatever I thought would confirm my path or walk wouldn’t happen. Now I feel like I’m in a season where Jesus is teaching me to hang tough, to be steady even in the midst of trial or weakness. And while I haven’t necessarily faced a ton of trials lately (and hope not to, thanks!), I do feel like I’ve been starting to dig in more, to hold more steadily to what I believe even when other signs or voices point to the opposite.

Now that fall is here, I feel like I’ve woken up a bit from my spiritual summer stupor. Fall is always a good time for change, and even though I haven’t always been on target this year, I feel like God has been and is leading me towards something bigger and better. With these three lessons and the inspiration that has come with them, I feel so much better equipped to tackle what lies ahead. I’ve taken more risks, tackled more challenges, and I can’t wait for more.

Thank you, Lord, for a fruitful summer, and for sticking with me in my wandering.

So, what accomplishments, lessons, or inspirations have you found this summer? What are you looking forward to in the fall? Let me know in the comments below, and if you want more content from me, please follow me here or on social media using the sidebar links!

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