Coming back to center

Hi All,

So, this post, I’m going to chat quick about a few strides I’ve been making towards better health in my life in a few different areas.


So this one is still a work in progress, but basically it’s recently become clear to me that my schedule is way too busy. On an average week when I’m being healthy, between writing, social life, and family, I try not to do more than two to three extra activities (hanging out with friends, going to events, etc.) a week.

Recently, well, let’s just say I’ve been going way over that, with obligations that affect my life on a weekly basis about as numerous as the days of the week, to say nothing of activities beyond that.

Needless to say, I’ve been starting to get a little burnt out.

Which is why, of course, I’m starting to realize that something needs to change. I’m still working on the “how” of doing this, including going over the different obligations I have to see if there are any to change/remove, setting better boundaries for myself, or, in some cases, just sticking it out until things settle down, but progress is being made. I’ll admit I haven’t been doing great at it yet, but I’m confident that with time, or the inevitable burn out that will happen if I don’t, that things will change/get better.


Another huge stride I’ve been making is in forgiveness. As you may know, I recently had some really difficult things to work through, and while I’ve been trying to make progress in moving on/through those things, one huge area I was struggling with was forgiveness. Thankfully though, God has been helping me a TON and I am really hopeful/optimistic towards moving forward and continuing to walk in forgiveness, with the eventual hopes of full reconciliation, to His glory.


This has been another big area of growth for me lately, with God firmly, gently, and lovingly pushing me to grow. The problem is that usually when I set boundaries, I feel guilty. Like if I were more loving or better or whatever, I would be able to handle more/be more available emotionally or physically (as in, in person)/etc. But something God has really been working on with me lately has been getting better at setting reasonable, healthy, God-given boundaries, particularly in areas where, if I didn’t set them, I could get unhealthy, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise.

And honestly, it’s been good. I’ve been noticing an uptick in my health in pretty much all areas, and while it hasn’t always been pleasant, God has been reminding me how important those boundaries are.


Another big one, I think God’s really been working with me on how to navigate more complex relationships, be that in the complexity of the relationships themselves, difficult situations, or even just calling me to higher and deeper levels of relationship. It’s been hard and painful, but also, really good.


One of the more recent developments, I think this has also been one of the most helpful, mainly in that it’s basically just been coming back to God, or what I would call center. To be more specific, in areas where I’ve started to realize I’ve been drifting, I’ve been working to get back to healthier, more God-centered places. For example, being more watchful of what and how much media I’ve been taking in, re-examining my thought patterns and where I spend my time, spending more time in worship or prayer, and grounding myself in more spiritual truths. I mentioned last post that in some ways it’s felt like trying to get back to shore. This is a big part of that process.

As to trust and how that fits in, I think the main ways that has been manifesting has been in re-remembering things I already know and re-centering around them. For example, trusting God with my schedule (and that he’ll give me all the time I need to do the things He asks me to do), believing in the love and good plans he has for me, and trusting in spiritual truths I already know.

So that’s where I’ve been growing lately. Thank you for reading.

So, now that you know how I’ve been growing, what about you? What are you learning about/what strategies have you been using to implement it? Any new hobbies, tips, or practices you’ve been using to live a healthier, more centered life? Let me know in the comments below, and if you want more content like this about my life, faith, journey, or writing, please feel free to follow me here or on social media (currently on a break) using the links in the sidebar or below. Thanks for reading!