A writer for writers, a writer for the weird

Speculative fiction author and playwright Abigail Morrison is passionate for stories: stories that make you laugh, stories that make you think, and stories that make you feel. She loves collaborating, science fiction and fantasy, and helping others succeed. Picking up the threads of life at large within the worlds she’s been given, her work consists of honest, exploratory stories with a commitment to craft, discussion, and truth.

Born in the Midwest, she hopes her work will share the love of God, help others to grow, and bring love, light and laughter to the weird, estranged, and lonely.

Abigail helps run the writing program for Mad Fools Guild in Madison, organizing their workshops and events. If you are interested in attending an event or would like to be involved, please email madfools@citychurchonline.org.


A note on the blog

Abigail’s blog is designed to share parts of her journey. She will not always share everything for the sake of privacy or personal choice, but she does hope to be honest and vulnerable about what she does. Since much of her blog is written as narrative or editorial regarding what she is learning, it is not meant to be taken as straight advice or admonition towards anyone else’s life, and the opinions within it are likely to change or grow with time. If you have any questions or comments regarding the blog, feel free to contact her.


Abigail can be contacted at abigailmorrison[dog]blog[at]gmail[dot]com, Facebook here, or Twitter here.


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